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Charlene Perez
Hi every one!! I am Teacher Charlene Perez. I graduated Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English at cebu technological University. Teaching has always been my passion. I have experineced teaching both online and off line for almsot 2 years and it was so much fun.Teaching students of different level can bo so interesting and challenging. I am looking forward for more years of teaching.
I'm a kind of teacher who let you always feel comfortable while studying. I've been working as an ESL teacher for almost 2 years and I'm loving it! I also desires success and I'm highly motivated. My teaching style is very flexible and easy to follow.I merge learning and having fun and I want to establish good rapport with my students. I always convey different knowledge, ability, backgrounds, and life experiences to the learning situation. And I always seek solutions to any learning difficulties.I believe that through this, it will be easier for the students to master this subject.
Hello everyone..I'm Teacher Yves Jeran Patal.I believe that learning is always a two-way process.My students learn from me and vice versa.I like to share things to my students: trivial and informative. I like to ask them questions that will let them think out of the box. I handle my class with fun but professionally if it's called for. I like sharing day-to-day situations for the students to relate with the lessons.I love experimenting and bring learning English beyond books. I get along with my student in a fun and lively interaction online. My ultimate goal is to make my students love English.
I graduated at Benedicto College with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. However, I have also taken some units in education. I experienced teaching in an offline academy for more than a year.I have taught students of all ages and so far I have really enjoyed my experience.
Rhoselyn Albios
Want to get a free ticket to the world? Learn English! Come and join us.We are offering optimum teaching skills for you and we are basically giving an exceptional intensive training and at the same time so much fun in learning. Hello, I'm Teacher Rhoselyn. It has always been my passion to share useful ideas and help enhance students abilities towards development.I take so much pride when I teach and help others improve themselves. With this enthusiasm to teach, I can be one of the best people you can learn with.Let's be best buddies and explore the beauty of learning English.
A graduate of Cebu Technological Institute with a degree in Computer Technology and some units in Education. I have been teaching students both offline and online for almost 3 years now. Having my long teaching experience as my back up, I can assure quality learning to my students.
I am Jaramie Opolentisima. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education at the University of San Carlos. They said teaching is the most difficult job in the world, but for me, it doesn't make sense. Teaching gives me satisfaction and fullfillment. I take pride when see my students improve. I always make sure that there's a student-teacher interaction. I will capture and hold the attention of my students by making the discussion livelier and more interesting. I will let the students speak more and share more about their thoughts and ideas. For the students to really understand the lesson,I will select appropriate examples and illustration if needed. Learning is a process, I can have the correction after and I will repeat some points when necessary. In this way my students will surely be motivated to leran more about the language.
Univesrity of San Carlos --- 2008 Colegio dela Inmaculada Concepcion --- 2004 Banilad Elementary School----2000 ESL (Online English Instructor) --- 2009 - 2011 Hppyro Maguikay Mandaue City XYZ Center For Online English Developement --- 2012 - present time
Hello there, my name is Analiza Lawas. i am fondly called Liz.i graduated Bachelor of Elementary Education major in English at Cebu Normal University. Teaching has always been my passion, hence, I took up Education mainly focussed on teaching kids. I teach all levels of learners from beginner to advance.It is with great enthusiasm that I invite you to a learning experience that's not only FUN but educational as well. As a teacher,my main goal is to foster and maintain an open communication, in which each student feels safe, special and appropriately challenged while offering positive encouragement and reinforcement to keep students focused and motivated.English might be tough for some, but there's always ways to learn it the easiet way we can. Having been teaching English for almost 2 years now,I can confidently say that I'm fully-equipped in giving you good quality of education. So study now and be globally competitive.
Bachelor of Elementary Education : March 2011 Major in English Cebu Normal University Notre Dame Academy : March 2007 Graduated, Elementary : March 2003 ESL Instructor : March 2011 WJC Phil. Language center ISAC0 International Study Abroad Center : January 2011 CAMP Teacher
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