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Hello! Im LAVELYN G. REMEGIO. I am a Graduate of Bachelor Of Science In Nursing at Colegio San Agustin Bacolod. First of all Nursing course is not my First choice, but since i started this profession i embrace it with all my heart. And Now you wonder that im here now in this kind of career, beacuse first of all Teaching is not my priority. but since i starting this career now, i already Love it and im GREATFUL that i shared my knowledge and skills in the way of teaching.
Working at Private Nurse 2013 Colegio San Agustin Bacolod 2012
Hello! Im JACEL R. GANZA. Im a graduate of Bachelor in Secondery Education major in ENGLISH last 2010. I love teaching kids that뭩 why I shift my course into a Bachelor of Secondary Education because in my heart and in my mind I love to teach and I want to pursue it. On the other hand teaching English subject is good not only I teach my students but also I learned to them. Besides of an English teacher,I already teach dancing and I뭢 a youth choir member of the church. I believe that being teacher is a great passion in life.I really enjoy watching that my students learn very well as well as she /he is willing to learn. I feel proud of myself that I am a teacher and no can stop me. It is a great blessing for me.
Working as a private tutor-2007 substitute teacher at RSB Elementary School-2007 Working at CSK English Online Tutorial- 2011 La Carlota City College - La Carlota City 2010 DHSBNH- La Carlorta City 2004 ETC Elementary School-La Carlota City 2000
Christine Demaf
Hi good day everyone! My name is Christine Demafeliz, I'm 23 years old. My first job is at call center company worked as call center agent I'm the who intertain and solved some problems or concerns of the customers,And my second job is a korean tutor also in another school it happened last yeasr.And here in talktalk english is my 3rd job as a korean tutor still. I worked as a korean tutor for almost 1 year and I really enjoyed teaching english class with the koreans because I also learned something from them like " some korean languages". I'm a funny kind of person no dull moment for me. And im a kind of teacher who respect the rights of my students. hope to see you guys
La Consolacion College-Bacolod 2004 west negros university 2009 Talk Talk English Academy 2010
Hello, My name is Mary Antonette Rios it's too long but some people who knows me would call me on my first name. "Mary".I'm a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Graduate. I worked in a medical field before. I used to work in an ambulace for 8 months and it was such a great experience. And working as a tutor online is already my third job it's far from what my major is but I think it's my passion. I really enjoy what I'm doing even if it's hard sometimes. I like it more because it's challenging. This job helps bring out the best. Most especially to student's, their satisfaction is my first priority. And why do I choose this job instead of working in my field? One thing is that both Teacher or Nurse has in common. They're both concerned to whom they serve, and teaching is noble because you share what you know to the studenrts and you encourage them to learn.
Works at CSK West Negros University/West Negros College Silay Institute-2003 Silay South Elementary-1999
Mary ann
Hello! Im Mary Ann A. Ruales. I'm 21 years old. Im a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education this year 2012. Eveyone asked me and wonder why I am here in this field. Well, all I can say is, this is my profession and teaching is my passion. I love teaching and it feels like its my life. I want to explore different things that will lead me to the bright and positive way of life. If someone find difficult in learning you have to start from the basic, this will help the learner start to understand the lessons. And it will make him/her improve and know what his/her skills.
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