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Nemi macayan
Hello! my name is Nemi P. Macayan, they usually call me Nem. I graduated Bachelor in Elementary Education major in General education with specialization in SPECIAL EDUCATION at Carlos Hilado Memorial State College last 2011. Teaching has been my passion since i was a kid my dolls were usually my students, funny but true. I've been a teacher to those special children specifically hearing impaired children when i was in college. I have much fun teaching them and i know i will enjoy teaching korean children too because as a teacher you must be flexible in any area of teching and learning is everywhere. I do believe that student must learn from a teacher and teacher must learn to a student too.
March 2011- Graduated June-2011Tutorial Teacher- Scientia Tutorial Center, Bacolod City October 2011Technical support representative - Teletech, Bacolod City
I am Jacquelyn M. Gonzales, 21 years old and I live in Bacolod City, Philippines. I am friendly and a down to earth person. I love to read books and likes to listen to music. I am a simple kind of person. I love teaching children so that’s why I took up the teaching profession.
Carlos Hilado Memorial State College A.Y. 2010-2011 Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in General Education with Specialization in Home Economics Education. Secondary Education Gil Montilla National High School- Brgy. V Extension A.Y 2006-2007 Primary Education Andres Bonifacio Elementary School I A.Y 2002-2003
Cherylene cagas
I just wonder why I am here working at CSK tutorial, but well, we need to explore ourselves so that we find out where we belong or where we gonna put our selves in place. What we want or what we need.. I have a lots of work experiences but I still don't know where I gonna put my self inplace, what I really want. Maybe because all of my work experiences are not my field course, but, I believed that "you just love your work and the work will be suit to you".
Pharmacist Assistant at Watson's Personal Care Store 2009, CSK tutorial (one on one class) 2010, Personal Assistant at Kmart groceries store 2010 and CSK call center 2012-present.
Beverly gayle l
I am Beverly Gayle B. Ledesma.Im a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing last 2011. I decided to have my first job here to gain experience as you can see I am a graduate in medical field and I believe that it is also related here (teaching). I can say that one because when you are in the medical field you are also teaching your clients how to have a healthy lifestyle, how to prevent diseases and how to cure their ailments. The same in the teaching field as a teacher you must teach your students from the basic so that they will understand you and at the same time they will learn to be independent in regards in entering the world of English.We all know that English is the international language we should use most especially when we will visit another country or talk to the other races we used this in order for us to understand each other. Now I am starting to share my knowledge about English World. And I am happy to be part of the teaching field. Lastly I believe that if you will love your work and put your heart into it everything will follow.
1995-2002-St. Louis School Center (kinder-grade 5) 2003-Elementary diploma- Gov. Emilio Gaston Elementary School(only grade 6) 2007- Highschool diploma - St. Theresita's Academy (working student) 2011-College diploma- Riverside College
Aris Mae
For me, advantages of improving students’ writing, reading and language comprehension skills extend beyond English to other subject areas as a student’s language proficiency often determines his/her general learning ability. We are certain that our English tutors know how to boost scores and grades
Carlos hilado memorial state college
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